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Savvy Financial Planning Brings Couples Closer

No matter how you and your partner organize your money, making a financial plan and reviewing it regularly should be a priority for all committed couples, from newlyweds to those in long-term relationships. Learning to manage money together builds trust and helps diffuse future financial conflicts, according to the website of the Certified Financial Planner […]

Financial Planning Tips for the “Sandwich Generation”

The “Sandwich Generation” is a term that can be used to describe many adults in their 30s through 50s who support both their children and their parents — whether financially, physically or mentally. These adults are often stressed out because they are pulled in two separate directions: They must provide for their (often growing) family, […]

How to Have a Lush Lawn in Extreme Heat and Drought

According to reports, last year’s lack of rainfall, combined with the blistering heat, caused a moderate to severe drought that affected up to 63.5 percent of the contiguous U.S. It may have been the worst heat and drought Americans have experienced in nearly 50 years.But will the severity of 2012’s dryness repeat itself? Will this […]

See More Green With DIY Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System

If you like the idea of a lush, green lawn and garden but dread the thought of dragging around a hose or sprinkler all summer, then you may want to consider installing an in-ground sprinkler system.While some systems can get complex and difficult to install, others are affordable do-it-yourself projects.Not convinced this is a DIY […]

Tax Law Changes Mean Refund Delays Will Affect Millions of Holiday Shoppers

For many gift buyers, the tax refund is that extra paycheck that arrives just in time to pay off holiday bills. However this year, new provisions under the PATH – Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes – Act will impact early tax season refund timing. For tax returns that include the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) […]

Go Green on Your Grass With Electric Lawn Mowers

Spring is here and that means it’s lawn cutting season. In the interest of curbing your carbon footprint and “going green,” you may want to consider an eco-friendly alternative to a healthy, beautiful lawn – an electric lawn mower. Options for self-propelled, high-powered electric lawn mowers abound, and there’s a mower to fit every lawn […]